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LSC RULES v2012.4 - Last updated April 25, 2012

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Posted 19 March 2006 - 02:14 AM

LSC RULES v1.10 

The following is the official list of rules that are to be followed by all members of LSC. Any violation of any of these rules will result in a warning for the first violation, and any subsequent violations can result in a ban forever or for a predefined period of time.


- No course language
- No flaming
- No racism or racial slurs
- No spamming
- Respect your fellow members
- Treat other as you would like to be treated.
- You are encouraged to open a new topic or reply any existing one. Stay active and spend at least 3 or 4 minutes a week finding topics you are interested in and posting your opinions.

* Check your incoming Private Messages. You might get important info from staff.

And most importantly
- Use common sense!


-All posts must be made in ENGLISH! If downloadable content is in other language than English (an ebook, Audio-Book, application etc) post might QUOTE additionally a description or an explanation in that language.

- Before posting a new link, conduct a search to ensure that link has not already been posted. You can conduct a search here. This is the search button at top of screen and use simple search only for searching complete links. .

- Don't repost: we mean by "repost" posting the same link under a different topic. Posting mirrors or alternate links is not considered "reposting". Reposted topics will be moved to "Graveyard". "Chronic" reposters might get banned from continue posting in LSC.

- No live links. Post all links in code boxes. This will be done for you by system.

- Downloadable material must have a free option to download. No "Premium Only" downloadable links admitted. If there is no free option to download, the post will be deleted.

- No "hotlinks" to graphics in any site, except to recognized graphic hosters (i.e.: tinypic, imageshack, photobucket and similar public hosters). If you want to include some graphics in your post, please downlaod it to your computer and then upload it to a hoster. Use the IMG code. You can include the URL of an image, enclosed in a "code-box" but of course in this case graphics can't be seen directly on screen.

* Avoid posting dead links. Use the "Links Checker" - you can access it from the Board Menu. It works for most hosters commonly used. If it doesn't work for the particular hoster you are using, please check your links manually and you can notify staff about the case.

* Don't use any prefix in titles different to proper title and don't numerate topics. It makes no sense, clutters index, makes titles difficult to read. I really have no idea why some posters insist on starting a numeration of their own. Numerated topics will be moved to graveyard, poster will be warned and if continues with this useless practice, will be banned.

- If your post(s) contain potentially offensive material, be sure to indicate so in your thread title.
IE: Funny Pictures [Warning: Adults Only!]

- Combine your posts where it is appropriate to do so.

- Do not post any kind of pornography ANYWHERE on the forum. Do not post any explicit or implicit link to porn material.

- Do not post links to other forums unless given permission by an administrator.

- No advertising of any kind.

- No requesting unless posting requirements are met as described in request section. And only in the request section..

* Do not reply mirror links with any downloadable topic. If you want to post an alternate link or a mirror (exactly the same stuff) to any downladable material already posted (same game, ebook, movie, album or same version of an applcation), you should start a new topic. Don't post it as a reply to the older one.


Do us and yourself a favor by introducing yourself to the rest of the forum using in the welcome forum. It will give you a start in LSC. Make sure you are posting meanigful responses or topics. Posting senseless content might get you banned.

NOTE: LSC staff (Administrators, Moderators/Super-Moderators) reserve the right to modify any of the above rules, whether or not the modifications are explicitly stated.

Last updated April 25, 2012.